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Trucks Services

Mobile Audio Concepts specialize in high quality products and installation solutions for the trucking industry. Our mobile service can come to your workplace or location of your choice and performs all installations at a time that suits your business needs. With prior arrangement this can include weekends and afterhours.

Our flexible and efficient service means your trucks will be off the road for the shortest possible amount of time and our solutions can help increase safety, connectivity and efficiency of your fleet.

One of our most popular solutions for the trucking industry is specialised commercial grade dash camera solutions. These systems have both forward and internal facing cameras and can be scaled up to six channel recording. The forward and internal cameras give you the full story of events by providing you with clear video footage of the outside and interior cabin view simultaneously.

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These solutions are also tamperproof and depending on how the recording capabilities you want, can hold the footage on internal SD cards or external hard drives (1000+ hours).

These systems have many additional features like remote live view, telematics software, wifi and many more. For more information about dash camera solutions for your business please contact us.

Our truck solutions include:

For more information about any of our solutions for the trucking industry and how we can help your business stay ahead of the competition, please contact us today.

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