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Towing Camera Solutions

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Towing Camera Solutions

Mobile Audio Concepts have a large range of high quality reverse camera solutions for caravans, trailers and horse floats. At a basic level these camera solutions can be displayed on a seperate screen either on the dash or a clip on or replacement reverse mirror. However our most popular and recommended solution integrates the caravan camera into the factory fitted screen.

Integrated solutions are very beneficial for caravan and trailer owners as they won’t affect your field of view. They also keep the dash clear of clutter and cables and retain a clean factory look. Whatsmore factory fitted screens on most new cars are large and utilizing this large screen help you to maneuver your vehicle into the tightest of spaces.

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How Integrated Caravan Camera Systems work:

When your caravan or trailer is not connected to your vehicle your factory reverse camera or bird’s eye 360 degree camera system is unaffected. When your caravan is connected to the vehicle the caravan camera overrides the factory reverse camera and displays your caravan camera on your factory screen. You can also choose to deactivate this feature if and when  you want to.

You can activate the caravan camera image whilst driving forward without interrupting the audio from the car’s sound system. All you need to do is hold a factory button and the camera image will display, allowing you to clearly see what’s behind when driving forwards adding an extra level of safety and comfort for most drivers.

On some of our solutions you also have the functionality to allow Picture in Picture. This means that you can have a small section of your screen displaying the caravan/trailer camera, while the rest of your screen shows the normal factory features. Again, you have control of this and can activate/deactivate this feature.

Here are the key features of our integrated camera solutions

  • Utilize the large factory fitted colour screen
  • Keep the dash uncluttered
  • View the camera when driving forwards
  • Automatic caravan detection
  • Vehicle reverse camera remains working

How these systems work does vary from vehicle to vehicle so for a detailed description of how it will work please contact us with your vehicle details and we will get back to you.

Most caravans and trailers can have a camera added to them or we can use the camera if it is already installed. Caravan cameras can be connected to the vehicle either via a seperate cable or integrated into the trailer plug for a simple one connection hook up.

There are integrated reverse camera solutions available for most popular towing vehicles including Toyota Landcruiser and Prado, Dodge and many more.

Our onsite installation service will take the hassle out of getting your caravan or trailer camera system installed by a skilled technician coming to your home or storage facility.

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