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Tour Operater Solutions

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Tour Operater Solutions

Mobile Audio Concepts has a range of vehicle solutions for tour operators. One of our most popular solutions are vehicle PA systems.

Vehicle PA systems can help boost reviews and referrals by being able to clearly communicate with your customers while keeping focused on the road. Whatsmore our mobile installation service comes to you at a time that suits your business to perform the installation.

Our systems include stand alone PA systems and systems that work with the vehicles head unit. All systems use a headset microphone.

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Stand alone systems allow you to have your background music playing from your car stereo and your voice through the PA on seperate speakers. For this solution we add extra speakers into the vehicle, most commonly these are four small speakers neatly installed into the hood lining or side panels.

We also have vehicle PA systems that work with the vehicles headunit. These systems plug into the input of the car stereo and use the current speaker systems. PA systems also allow the mixing of background music, however it needs to be from a separate MP3 player or an ipod with a headphone jack output.

Mobile Audio Concepts can also help keep your customers phones and devices charged with USB charging sockets neatly and professionally installed throughout your vehicle.

We can also add WIFI connectivity to your vehicle.

Our other popular tour operator solutions include:

For more information about any of our solutions for tour operators and how we can help your business stay ahead of the competition please contact us today.

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