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At Mobile Audio Concepts we’re here to help find the bass solution that suits your vehicle, music taste and budget.

Subwoofers are a dedicated bass speaker designed to produce low end frequencies and they are a vital part of any car audio system. Subwoofers are important because the physical size restraints of car speakers may struggle to properly reproduce low end bass frequencies and without these frequencies your system will sound dull and lifeless.

Whether you’re into hip-hop, rock, electronic or classical music – or whether you like your music blasting for background noise, a quality dedicated bass speaker (subwoofer) can dramatically improve your car music experience.

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Subwoofers come in many different styles, sizes and configurations depending on your vehicle. How much (if any) room you want to take up in your boot and how much added bass you want.

Gone are the days of a sub or subwoofers necessary taking up a large amount of space, with many well performing shallow and underseat options being widely available.

It’s important to know that unless you buy a powered sub (a sub with a built in amp) you will need to buy an amplifier to run it. Subwoofers also require an enclosure or sub box to perform properly. It should also be noted that bass and subwoofer frequencies are non directional which is why subwoofers can be located in the boot and you can still hear it.

Our subwoofer solutions include:

  • Underseat powered subwoofers
  • Shallow mount subwoofers
  • Single and dual subwoofer configurations
  • Big bass set ups
  • Replacements of factory subwoofers

For more information about a bass solution for your vehicle please contact us to talk to one of our experienced staff so we can discuss the possibilities.

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