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At Mobile Audio Concepts one of our most popular modifications is upgrading poor sounding and performing factory fitted (OEM) speakers. Car manufacturers generally put very little effort into their sound systems and their speakers are often cheaply manufactured and have very little depth to their sound.

Deep down we’re all music lovers and it doesn’t matter whether your preference is rock, hip-hop, classical or any genre in between, a speaker upgrade from Mobile Audio Concepts can help you get the maximum enjoyment from your music while on your commute.

Speakers are the part that physically reproduces the sound and are therefore a very important component in your system. Upgrading your speakers can help improve clarity, sound quality and can minimise distortion for a full, rich and powerful sound.

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No matter what vehicle you own, the team at Mobile Audio Concepts can recommend and install speaker upgrades that can be concealed behind factory fitted covers for a sleek look.

Speakers can either be installed by themselves or as part of a full system upgrade. This can include purchasing a head unit, amplifier and subwoofer upgrade or alternatively we can recommend speakers that can be used with your existing factory head unit.

When installing new speakers we generally recommend adding a sound deadening package to your new speakers as this can further enhance the sound quality.

Benefits of upgrading your speakers:

  • More balanced sound
  • Clearer vocals
  • Punchy bass
  • More clarity
  • Bigger and brighter sound

Vehicle manufactures use different sizes, locations and mounting in their vehicles. Mobile Audio Concepts has speakers for all makes and models, sizes and mounting locations, including splits or component speakers and coaxial speakers. We also have a range of vehicle specific speaker upgrades for popular models which are designed to work with factory head units and require very little modification or labour to be installed.

Finding the perfect speaker system for your car can be overwhelming, with many sizes, brands, models and styles on the market we can help in finding the right solution for you at a price point that matches your budget and specifications. The materials and design can greatly impact the sound quality in your vehicle so it’s important to choose the right system.

Mobile Audio Concepts works with the best brands including Morel, Hertz, Alpine and many more and we have a wealth of knowledge in this field and will work with you to make your dreams come true – to achieve the best sounding system to play your music at the level it deserves.

For more information about our speaker upgrade solutions and how we can integrate them  into your vehicle please contact us to talk to one of our experienced staff so we can discuss the possibilities.

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