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Sound Deadening

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Sound Deadening

Mobile Audio Concepts supply and install sound deadening packages for all vehicles and applications. Sound deadening can be used to reduce road noise and help quieten your vehicle and also to improve the performance of the audio system.

With car manufacturers under pressure to provide more value for money and lighter vehicles they are factory fitting less and less sound proofing. This results in road noise and vibrations being a frustrating problem for many drivers. Mobile Audio Concepts can provide a sound deadening solution for these issues.

A sound deadening solution to fix road noise and rattles starts with identifying the problem area of the vehicle and can sometimes be as simple as locating and fixing an interior panel. Other times the vehicle may need a more advanced deadeing solution.

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An advanced deadening solution involves removal of interior panels, roof lining or carpet, we then thoroughly clean the necessary area and then the sound deadening material is applied to the metal surface. This helps to tighten the panel and stop it from vibrating resulting in a massive reduction in unwanted noise. Once applied the interior panels and carpet are carefully refitted and the vehicle is returned to the way it was.

Sound deadening can be applied to a range of surfaces including:

  • Floor
  • Under bonnet
  • Firewall
  • Doors
  • Roof

Benefits of sound deadening:

  • Reduce road noise
  • Heat reduction
  • Improve sound quality of audio system
  • Reduce driver fatigue

Sound deadening can also be used to improve the performance of a factory installed or aftermarket sound system. By sealing, tightening and reducing the panel vibration around the speakers, mid and low range bass frequencies are improved.

For this we focus on the doors or panels surrounding and housing the speakers and or subwoofer. Again we carefully strip and clean the necessary panels, apply the deadening material and then refit the panels. We often recommend doing a sound deadening package at the same time as upgrading the speakers.

There are many brands and products available for different sound deadening applications, Mobile Audio Concepts are the experts in removing and refitting interior trims. For more information and options for your vehicle please contact us to talk to one of our experienced staff so we can discuss the possibilities.

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