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Parking Cameras – Reverse Camera Installation

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Parking Cameras – Reverse Camera Installation

For many people parking is a headache especially in big cities like Melbourne where parking spaces are getting tighter and tighter. The fear of hitting someone, scratching/denting a car that may have cost you your life savings, or of nicking another vehicle while getting in and out of a parking space is something that most motorists wish they didn’t have to deal with. Well, the good news is that there are now many useful parking camera solutions on the market that help to make parking easier, safer, and more accurate. We at Mobile Audio Concepts provide such parking camera solutions.

Reverse Camera Installation in Melbourne

Parking cameras can be added to any vehicle. The right parking camera solution can offer peace of mind and better driving perspective because it can help to eliminate blind spots and the potential for accidents or damage. Parking cameras are not only a great addition to any private or commercial vehicle, but they can also be installed on towing caravans, trailers, horse floats, motorhomes, and trucks.

Reasons to install parking cameras:

  •     Safety when reversing around children and pets
  •     Preventable parking damage
  •     Parking assistance

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There are many parking camera options that you can choose. Mostly, they fall into the following categories:

  • Reverse cameras
  • Front cameras
  • Side cameras
  • 360-degree bird’s-eye-view systems

The styles and specifications of these cameras vary greatly. They include:

  • IP 68 Waterproof cameras
  • Wide angle cameras
  • Handle replacement cameras
  • Cameras with moving guidelines
  • Dual camera system for caravans and trailers
  • CCD and CMOS lenses


The camera image can be displayed in many formats depending on the vehicle. Basic solutions start with an on dash screen or a replacement reverse mirror, reverse cameras  can also be integrated into the factory OEM screen or any aftermarket touchscreen head unit.

Reverse Parking Camera Experts

Reverse cameras are activated automatically when the car is put into gear, and they help you avoid bumper or panel damage when getting into tight spaces.

Premium Front Camera Brands

Front cameras are an ideal solution for long body vehicles or low vehicles because they help to prevent front bumper scuffs and scrapes.

360 degrees Birds Eye Camera Solution

360 degree bird’s-eye camera solutions are the ultimate in parking safety, displaying an overhead view of the vehicle which allows for safe and easy parking maneuvers. A lot of new vehicles on the market today come factory fitted with these camera systems. The team at Mobile Audio Concepts can enhance your own car to include this latest technology.

Superior Caravan Camera Systems

Caravan camera systems are a great addition for adventure and travel seekers. They can be integrated through the trailer plug and displayed on the high resolution factory display. In most popular towing vehicles the caravan camera system can be set up to work both when the caravan is in reverse and also when your vehicle is driving forwards. This allows you to clearly see your surroundings and make safe driving maneuvers. Caravan camera systems can also be installed as part of a navigation / HEMA maps package.

Mobile Audio Concepts have a wide range of parking camera systems to suit all vehicles and budgets.We also have an extensive range of driving aids,a full repair service and are happy to install any reverse camera systems you have brought from elsewhere.

Our on-site installation service will ensure the job is done professionally and to the highest standard and all our installations are backed with a lifetime installation warranty.

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