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GPS Navigation

We at Mobile Audio Concepts are Melbourne’s leading in-car Global Positioning system (GPS) experts. With the precise and accurate turn-by-turn guidance that our professionally installed GPS navigation systems provide, you’ll never get lost again.

Regardless of whether you are driving in your hometown, a new city or the outback a GPS navigation system is an invaluable asset. Besides avoiding asking strangers for directions and helping you find the quickest, most efficient routes to your destination, GPS navigation systems also offer many other unique benefits that smartphone mapping apps cannot offer.

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GPS Navigation Solutions For All Vehicles

Despite what many people believe, GPS navigation systems can be installed in any vehicle make or model. They can be installed either by integrating a hide-away navigation module into a factory head-unit/infotainment system or by replacing a factory head-unit with a one that has built-in GPS navigation.

Whichever option you need, the team at Mobile Audio Concepts are ready to supply and install. We understand that choosing the right navigation system can be difficult and that there are many things to consider when choosing the right system. Our highly skilled team will advise you on the best GPS navigation installation options for your vehicle. We have GPS navigation systems for all vehicle make and models, including motor homes and commercial/fleet vehicles.

Should I choose built-in GPS Navigation or Smartphone mapping apps?

Both smartphone mapping apps and GPS navigation systems offer several advantages and disadvantages, which is why most high-end head-units come with both options.

One of the key benefits of smartphone mapping apps like Google Maps, Waze and Apple maps is convenience. You just need your Smartphone to access them. These apps also offer interfaces similar to those of your smartphone, so it is easy to navigate through these apps. They may also offer real-time traffic updates. However, these mapping apps are often not as detailed as GPS systems in terms of the navigation information they provide. Also, to use these apps, your Smartphone needs a strong data connection, meaning that you may only use them in areas that offer good cell phone service.

Hence, systems with built-in GPS navigation are perfect for people who need high-end, detailed mapping solutions and for people who drive to remote areas occasionally or regularly, e.g. into the outback. These head-units with built-in GPS navigation have no reliance on a cell phone and do not use any data and they also give extremely detailed guidance with features like lane guidance, 3D maps, cityscapes, and points of interest.

Built-in GPS navigation systems also have many adjustable settings. They may also include a database of speed cameras, school zones and red light cameras, so they may also offer:

  • Speed camera warnings
  • School zones warnings
  • Red light camera warnings
  • Over-speeding warnings

Plus smartphone mapping apps update automatically when the phone’s operating system is updated, while in-car GPS navigation systems can be updated manually, when required by the client, e.g. when major new roads and freeways have been built or when the current maps don’t show them. Mostly, in-car GPS navigation systems need to be updated once per year. Most such systems come with one or three years free map updates.

Off-Road Mapping Solutions

Mobile Audio Concepts can also cater for your travel adventures and off-road journeys with HEMA off-road mapping. HEMA is Australia’s gold standard in off-road navigation. It can be added to most vehicles via head-unit replacement or through integration into the factory infotainment system.

We strive to bring you only the latest and most advanced technology available on the market. Our extensive range of navigation systems include head-unit replacement systems from Australia’s most reputable brands like Alpine, Pioneer, Clarion and Kenwood; we also include fully integrated systems that work with the factory fitted screens and audio systems.

Our team at Mobile Audio Concepts offer years of experience in the industry and our highly knowledgeable background means we can help find the right solution for you and that will fit and work in your vehicle. For more information and options for your vehicle please contact us to talk to one of our experienced staff so we can discuss the possibilities.

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