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Digital Radio

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Digital Radio

Digital Radio or DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcast) is the latest in-car radio technology available to people who love listening to radio in the car.

In-car radio transmission has come a long way from when FM radio was first introduced to Australian vehicles in the 1970s. The trusty, traditional AM/FM radio has remained dependable over the years, but the superior advantages that digital broadcast radio offers cannot be denied, so more and more motorists are switching to digital radio in Australia’s major cities. Today, many new cars in Australia come equipped with digital radio receivers. The digital radio network in Australia uses DAB+ architecture, which utilizes a highly efficient audio codec known as AAC+. 

Can you have both AM/FM radio and Digital Radio?

Yes, you can. Most digital-radio-enabled factory/OEM car stereos and aftermarket DAB+ receivers also incorporate AM/FM radios, so you get to enjoy your favourite AM/FM stations in crystal clear audio along with the many awesome stations you can only get with a DAB+ receiver.

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Will analog AM/FM radios be phased out?

Digital Radio is not likely to replace traditional AM/FM radio any time soon. The AM/FM radio will probably remain a standard feature in car stereos until a comprehensive digital radio broadcasting framework is set in place in Australia, and that may take a while.

Where can I listen to digital radio?

Digital radio is only available in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin, and Hobart. Outside the boundaries of these cities, your DAB+ receiver will struggle to get a signal so you will have to use your AM/FM radio in such areas.  

What are the Advantages of Having a Digital Radio?

  • Exceptional sound quality: Digital radios have built-in technology that filters out interference; as a result, they deliver superior quality sound devoid of scratchiness.  
  • Easier to tune: You don’t have to fiddle with a dial when trying to search for your radio station. The digital radio receiver captures all the available digital radio frequencies and provides a list of them, so you just select the one you want. 
  • Free to air
  • Massive variety of stations: Digital radio transmission uses up much less space in in its radio band, and so it is able to accommodate a much larger number of radio stations
  • Additional audio track information: Digital radio also transmits track and artist information, and it may also show news or traffic updates while the music is playing.        
  • Does not require a cell phone or use any data

Can I get Digital Radio installed in my car?

Yes, digital radio can be installed in your vehicle in several ways, depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle. We at Mobile Audio Concepts are ready to supply and install a new head-unit solution with a DAB+ receiver and all the latest features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, parking cameras, etc. We can also integrate a DAB+ module into your OEM system via the USB, AUX in port or via the car’s optical fiber network. If you have your own digital-radio-enabled head unit, we can also install it for you in your car. 

Some things to know about DAB+:

In-car digital radio solutions require a DAB+ antenna to be installed in the vehicle, and a on glass antenna will come with the kit. Other antenna solutions can be added instead of the windscreen mounted to suit certain applications and these can include: external glass mount antennas, magnetic mount antennas, roof-mounted antennas like shark fin antennas, and other DAB antenna solutions.

Mobile Audio Concepts are the DAB+ experts. We have solutions that fit most makes, models, and price points. Our team at Mobile Audio Concepts offers years of experience in the industry. Our highly knowledgeable background means that we can help find the right DAB+ solution that will fit and work in your vehicle.

Lifetime Installation Warranty

All our installations are backed with a lifetime installation warranty and we are fully committed to providing the best possible service to our clients.

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