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Complete Packages & System Design

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Complete Packages & System Design

The team at Mobile Audio Concepts love designing and installing full car audio systems. In fact, taking poor sounding and outdated technology and upgrading it to the latest technology to make it sound great is why we got into car audio all those years ago.

Seeing the smile and joy on customers’ faces when they hear their new system and enjoy their new technology is what brings us the most joy and satisfaction.

There are many pieces to the puzzle when designing a great sounding and performing system. It starts with the clients vehicle and knowing what fits both physically and also electronically. Then comes the customers requirements and expectations. Just as important is knowing what components will work together to be suitably matched. We also take into consideration the client’s overall budget.

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Installation, soundproofing and tuning is the final but most important factor in designing not just a good, but a great system. It’s important to remember that an expensive component incorrectly installed will sound worse than a cheaper component correctly installed.

A great sounding system starts with a clean audio signal. For those vehicles that we can change the factory head unit we always recommend this option as it gives us a great starting point to build a system from. Aftermarket units come standard with a lot of built in sound processing and all the necessary outputs to allow for complete control and tuning of your system.

If changing the factory unit in your vehicle is not an option we suggest a digital sound processor as this allows us to sum together and manipulate the audio signal which is the next best thing to an aftermarket unit.

After the signal comes the amplification to give us more power to the speakers. A high quality amplifier will not only boost the signal but give greater control of the speakers. Speakers are what physically reproduces the sound and matching to the amplifiers output is vital to avoid blown speakers and poor audio performance.

A subwoofer not only adds clean low end bass, but allows us to cut some frequencies going to the speakers to help them perform better.

No full system is complete without a sound deadening package, high quality cables and of course a professional installation.

The team at Mobile Audio Concepts can design and install a full system to meet all of these requirements. We can make your in-car dreams a reality whether it’s making those long drives more fun with an awesome sound system, upgrading your in factory fitted dash to the latest technology, or adding some security and safety features such as a dash camera or parking camera.

We are partnered with all the best brands, and all our installations are of the highest quality, which is why we have a lifetime warranty on all our installations. For more information and options for your vehicle please contact us to talk to one of our experienced staff so we can discuss the possibilities.

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