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If you own a smartphone, a tablet, or other mobile devices produced within the last decade, you are probably familiar with Bluetooth. Just like the 10th Century Danish King it is named after, Bluetooth wireless technology is designed to connect seperate devices, enabling the exchange of different forms of data. Over the last two decades, Bluetooth has revolutionized mobile phone usage and car infotainment.

Bluetooth connects your phone to another device, allowing you to make and receive phone calls and/or stream music. Although most vehicles come with Bluetooth factory-fitted, some older cars missed this technology. Some older vehicles had Bluetooth enabled only for phone calls and missed the music streaming side, while some do not have any Bluetooth connectivity at all.

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Our Bluetooth Solutions:  

If your vehicle is not fitted with Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free phone calls or music streaming, we at Mobile Audio Concepts can fix that for you. We have a wide range of Bluetooth solutions to suit many vehicles and price points.

1. Universal Bluetooth Car kits

We offer universal Bluetooth car kits that integrate with your car’s stereo. They include a small microphone and controller, or work with the factory screen and controls. They may offer both hands-free phone calls and music streaming or just one of these services. They get wired into the head units wiring and play the audio through the car’s speakers.

2. Bluetooth Adapters For Factory Radios

These adapters are ideal for when you want to add music streaming to your factory head unit. They are vehicle specific and are designed to work with your factory screen. Often they plug into the CD changer port or some other input to the factory stereo and provide music streaming capabilities 

3. Bluetooth Head Unit

You can also opt to have us install a Bluetooth head unit upgrade. These head-units have built-in Bluetooth technology, so there won’t be any need for a separate adapter box. They may also include additional features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility. Once installed, you’ll be able to control most of your functions for phone calls or audio streaming from your head unit display.  

Here are some key features of our Bluetooth car solutions:

  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Phonebook and Voice control
  • Music and podcast streaming
  • Software updateable
  • Dual phone pairing
  • No more fines or demerit points for talking while driving


There are several versions of Bluetooth. The oldest version is Bluetooth 1.0 which was introduced in 1989, and the newest is Bluetooth 5.2 which debuted in December 2019. Bluetooth technology is designed to be backwards compatible, so devices with different Bluetooth versions can still pair together, e.g. a mobile phone with Bluetooth 5.1 can pair with a car stereo with Bluetooth 2.0. All our Bluetooth car solutions come integrated with the more recent versions of Bluetooth that offer easier, quicker integration, so you are unlikely to experience compatibility issues. Also, our Bluetooth car kits have the latest Bluetooth interfaces that are easy to navigate and use while driving.

Considerable Experience and Expertise

Mobile Audio Concepts are the Bluetooth experts. Besides installing new Bluetooth solutions for different vehicles, we also diagnose and repair faults in factory-fitted Bluetooth car kits. We have been providing in-car Bluetooth solutions for years. With our extensive experience and expertise, you are assured of finding the right Bluetooth solution that will fit and work in your vehicle.

Lifetime Installation Warranty

All our Bluetooth car kit/adapter installations are backed with a lifetime installation warranty. We are committed to offering the best service to our clients.

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