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Android Auto

Looking for Android Auto solutions for your car in Melbourne? Look no further! Mobile Audio Concepts are Melbourne’s Android Auto experts. We have a wide range of aftermarket replacement head units from leading brands like Alpine, Pioneer, JVC and Kenwood. We also offer hide away OEM style Android Auto modules designed to work with your factory-installed touchscreen infotainment system and electrical system.

Distracted driving is ranked as the leading cause of car accidents around the world, and most recorded cases of distracted driving have involved the use of smartphones while driving. So Google created Android Auto. It is a safe and convenient way to use your Android smartphone while driving. Android Auto is a version of Google’s Android OS that is tailor made for cars, so its features and its interface are like those of an Android smartphone.

Google introduced the Android Auto app in March 2015, six months after Apple released its CarPlay app for iPhones. As of June 2020, Google had made Android Auto available in 36 countries around the world. 

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Who Can Use Android Auto?

Android Auto is only available to Android users. Any Android phones that have Android 5.0 and above can power Android Auto. In phones with Android 9.0 and below, you have to download the Android Auto app from Google Play Store, but in those with Android 10.0 and above, Android Auto is built into the Android OS.

Also worth noting is that not all vehicles are compatible with Android Auto. Presently, over 46 automakers around the world are offering Android Auto support in their head units. Aftermarket head-unit manufacturers like Kenwood, Pioneer, Alpine, and Sony are also integrating Android Auto support into their head units.

How do you connect to your car’s Android Auto?     

You connect your smartphone to your compatible car stereo either via a USB cable or wirelessly on some models. Once you do so, you just tap on the Android Auto icon on your car’s touchscreen display; this opens an interface that mirrors the features from your Android phone. Android Auto lets you control car-related apps from the touchscreen display or OEM controls. You can also control them using your voice with Google Assistant (this is the recommended way).

What Apps Work on Android Auto?

The apps you’ll have access to on Android Auto will be based on the Android Auto-compatible apps that you’ll have on your phone. For example, you could have Google Maps and Waze for navigation, Google Play Music and Spotify for music, and Pocket Casts for podcasts. There is also the calls facility that opens up your call history and loads all your contacts, enabling you to make calls at will. Other apps that you may use on Android Auto include WhatsApp, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Audible, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Skype.    

Using Google Assistant

Google Assistant’s artificial intelligence-powered technology is highly advanced, with highly developed voice recognition and quick responses that are mostly accurate. Therefore, you won’t struggle to control the majority of the Android Auto apps when your hands are on the steering wheel. For example, when you receive messages, a notification will appear on the Android Auto home screen, and when you will tap on it, Google Assistant will read out the message to you, and will ask you if you’ll want to reply. You can say “yes” and then speak out the reply message. Google Assistant will repeat the message to you and then ask you to confirm before sending. You can also make and receive phone calls using voice commands. Therefore, with Google assistant, you can say goodbye to expensive fines and demerit points for calling or texting while driving.

You can also use Google Assistant when requesting navigation, music, or multimedia. You just tap the speakerphone icon on the top right corner of the Android Auto interface and make your request.   

What are the key benefits that Android Auto offers?

Concerned parents especially love Android Auto knowing their children have a safe and legal way to use their phone, navigate and listen to music when driving. Here are some key benefits that you get with Android Auto:

  •     Safe and easy to control your phone while driving
  •     Completely legal to use while driving
  •     Control your phone by talking to Google Assistant
  •     Future-proofed technology
  •     Always have the latest maps on hand
  •     No more fines and demerit points

Do you need Head Unit replacement to use Android Auto?

Not all head units are compatible with Android Auto. The options available to you will depend on the year, make, and model of your vehicle. We at Mobile Audio Concepts have solutions for both Head Unit replacement and integrating into the factory OEM system.Most Android auto solutions also include Apple Carplay.

Choose Where You Want the Installation to Be Done

Our onsite installation service takes the hassle out of getting your car audio installed.Our technicians will give you a comprehensive demonstration of how to use your new system to ensure you receive the most out of your investment.

Our team at Mobile Audio Concepts offer years of experience in the industry, and our highly knowledgeable background means we can help find the right solution for you and that will fit and work in your vehicle. We’re also happy to install any unit you have already purchased.

The Android Auto installation that will be done by one of our friendly team at Mobile Audio Concepts will be a professional and safe experience. The new system will be correctly integrated into your vehicle’s electrical system without damage to the interior of your vehicle. All our installations are backed with a lifetime installation warranty. We are fully committed to providing the best service to our clients.

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