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Amplifiers & DSP

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Amplifiers & DSP

Amplifiers are a great addition to any sound system. Amplifiers are used to boost the signal to a higher voltage output resulting in louder and clearer sound. They enable you to hear your music better and improve the clarity of your speakers whilst being a great addition to any stereo stereo system.

Mobile Audio Concepts are the professionals when it comes to enhancing power and optimising the performance for your car stereo. Amplifiers come in many channel configurations including monoblock single channel amplifiers for running subwoofers, two and four channel configurations for running speakers, five channel amps for running four speakers and a sub or subwoofers and even six or eight channel amps for running multiple speaker systems found in newer vehicles.

Amplifier technology is constantly improving and adapting and the latest class D technology has dramatically improved amplifier efficiency and reduced the size of amplifiers allowing us to hide the amplifiers away in unused areas of your car and out of sight.

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Amplifiers can be used with a factory or aftermarket head unit and can be added by themselves or as part of a system upgrade. Although commonly used with aftermarket speakers, in certain applications they can be used to improve the sound quality of factory installed speakers.

It’s important to note that due to the amount of power that amplifiers draw you will need heavy duty cables to connect your amplifier to the battery and head unit. These cables come in a cost effective kit and are able to be purchased to suit the amplifier power draw and channel configuration.

Key features of adding an amplifier:

  • More volume
  • Better speaker control
  • Improve sound quality
  • High pass and low pass filters
  • Can be used to power a subwoofer

Amplifiers can also have Digital Sound Processors (DSPs) built in or be used in conjunction with an external DSP.

A DSP is a great option for anyone who does not want, or is unable to change the factory radio as they help us correct audio issues with the factory head unit and they give us all the sound quality features usually only found on a high end aftermarket head unit.

Key features of adding a DSP:

  • Equalization
  • Crossovers
  • Time alignment
  • Bass generation
  • Signal summing
  • Tuning via laptop

The team at Mobile Audio concepts work with Australia’s leading amplifier and DSP brands like Hertz, Morel and Alpine. Our extensive knowledge of vehicle electronics and the physics of sound means we can recommend and install the best amplifier/DSP solution for your vehicle and sound system.

For more information and options for your vehicle please contact us to talk to one of our experienced staff so we can discuss the possibilities.

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