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Luxury Upgrades

Adding some luxury to your vehicle no longer involves buying a new vehicle or even going for the expensive high end models. Mobile Audio Concepts can add a touch of class to your pride and joy with a range of vehicle luxuries to suit all makes and models.

Heated Seats

Heated seats will do wonders to warm you up on those cold Melbourne mornings. The added warmth can give you a more comfortable driving experience and even boost the value of your car. Heated seats can be added to all make and model vehicles where the factory seat fabric is not glued down to the cushion.

Heating pads are carefully installed under both parts of the seat and most commonly come with a double position high and low switch. Heated seats can be added to vehicles with both leather and fabric seats.

Rear Seat Entertainment – Headrest

Rear seat entertainment can also be in the form of replacement headrest pillows which come with the screens, DVD, USB etc built in to the new replacement pillow.

Screen sizes can be up to 9” and you have the option of choosing a universal off the shelf product or for a true OEM look finish we can have the leather or fabric, pole sizes and stitching matched to suit the factory seat.

As opposed to roof mounted, headrest systems can be more ideal for some clients as the back seat passengers have the ability to watch and listen to separate movies.

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Rear Seat Entertainment – Roof Mounted 

Keep the kids quiet and entertained on those long journeys with a roof mounted rear entertainment system. Roof mounted screens are available in a variety of sizes and come with DVD, USB, SD,HDMI inputs and wireless headphones

The back seat passengers can listen to the audio via wireless headphones or through the car’s audio system. Roof mounted screens can be added to most vehicles with or without a sunroof. For vehicles with a moonroof we suggest a headrest system.

Rear seat entertainment – Active headrest

For customers with active headrest (headrests which have airbags that move up and down) we have active tablet style headrest solutions that mount behind the headrest and don’t interfere with the active headrest. 

As with roof mounted options the rear passengers can listen to the audio via wireless headphones or through the cars audio system.

USB charging sockets

USB charging points can be added to all vehicles in many locations throughout the vehicle  to keep you and your family’s phones and devices charged and ready for use. We also have a range of wireless fast charging solutions as well.

Automatic tailgate lifters

If your vehicle is not fitted with automatic tailgate lifters do not despair as Mobile Audio Concepts have a range of aftermarket factory style automatic tailgate lifters for most makes and models. Please enquire with your vehicle’s details and we will let you know prices and availability.

Mobile Audio Concepts can also diagnose and repair problems and faults with all factory and aftermarket systems. For more information and options for your vehicle, please contact us to talk to one of our experienced staff so we can discuss the possibilities.

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