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Innovative and Unbeatable: The Best Head Unit Brands Reviewed

Head Unit

Welcome to the world of premium car audio, where the right head unit can transform your driving experience into an auditory journey like no other. As a Melbourne-based leader in car audio installations, we understand that a head unit is more than just a component; it’s the heart of your car’s audio system. It’s where technology meets functionality, and your personal preferences come to life through sound. Whether cruising through the city streets or embarking on a long road trip, the right head unit can make all the difference.

This article will dive into head units, reviewing the most innovative and unbeatable brands. Our focus is not just on the brands themselves but on how they can elevate your driving experience, ensuring every journey is accompanied by the perfect soundtrack.


Why Upgrade Your Head Unit?

Have you ever considered the impact a high-quality head unit can have on your driving experience? Upgrading your head unit isn’t just about keeping up with the latest trends; it’s about enhancing the essence of your time on the road. Let me walk you through the compelling reasons why an upgrade can be a game-changer for your vehicle’s audio system.

Firstly, sound quality is paramount. A top-tier head unit brings clarity, depth, and richness to your music, making every note and beat resonate with crystal-clear precision. It’s not just about volume; it’s about immersing yourself in a sound experience that’s as close to life as it gets.

Secondly, modern head units come packed with features that make driving more enjoyable and convenient. We’re talking about seamless Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to play music from your phone or take hands-free calls. There’s also the integration with smartphone apps, GPS navigation, and even voice control capabilities. These features enhance your driving experience and bolster safety by minimising distractions.

Moreover, an upgraded head unit can significantly boost your vehicle’s resale value. It’s a smart investment that makes your car more appealing to potential buyers who value a quality audio system.

Lastly, personalisation is key. You can tailor your audio experience to suit your preferences with a new head unit. Whether you’re a fan of bass-heavy beats or prefer the subtle nuances of classical music, the right head unit can be adjusted to meet your specific audio tastes.


Top Head Unit Brands on the Market

In the quest for the ultimate car audio experience, the choice of the head unit brand is crucial. We’ve worked with top-tier brands, each offering unique features and unparalleled quality. Let’s explore some of the leading head unit brands we trust and recommend.

Alpine: The Pinnacle of Sound Quality

Alpine stands as a beacon of excellence in-car audio systems. Known for their impeccable sound quality, Alpine head units offer a range of features that cater to audiophiles and casual listeners alike. With intuitive interfaces and robust build quality, Alpine units are a top choice for those who refuse to compromise on sound.

Pioneer: Innovators in Connectivity

Pioneer has consistently been at the forefront of technology, integrating advanced connectivity options in their head units. From Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to superior Bluetooth capabilities, Pioneer makes connecting your digital life to your driving experience effortless. Their head units are not just about playing music; they’re about creating a seamless link between your car and smartphone.

Kenwood: A Blend of Power and Precision

Kenwood head units are synonymous with power and precision. They offer a range of models with high power output and detailed sound customisation options. Whether tweaking the EQ settings to get the perfect sound or enjoying the crisp output, Kenwood provides a robust and reliable audio experience.

Sony: Sleek Design Meets Functionality

Sony brings its renowned design aesthetics and technological expertise to the car audio market. Their head units are known for their sleek, modern design and user-friendly interfaces. Sony units are great for those who value form and function in their car’s dashboard.

JVC: The Budget-Friendly Choice

JVC offers a range of head units that provide great value for those looking for quality without breaking the bank. With Bluetooth connectivity and customisable sound settings, JVC units are an excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers who still want a quality audio experience.


Features to Look for in a Head Unit

When selecting the perfect head unit for your car, the array of features and specifications can be overwhelming. But fear not! We are here to guide you through the key features you should consider ensuring your new head unit meets and exceeds your expectations. Let’s break down what matters in a head unit.

Sound Quality Above All

The primary purpose of a head unit is to deliver superior sound quality. Look for units with high preamp voltage (around 4V or higher) for cleaner and more powerful sound. Also, consider the signal-to-noise ratio and total harmonic distortion, as these specs indicate how cleanly your music will be reproduced.

Connectivity for Convenience

In today’s connected world, your head unit should seamlessly integrate with your digital life. Essential connectivity features include:

  • Bluetooth: For hands-free calling and wireless music streaming.
  • USB Ports: To connect and charge devices or play music directly.
  • Smartphone Integration: Like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, for accessing apps safely while driving.

User Interface and Ease of Use

A head unit should be intuitive and easy to operate, especially while driving. Large, clear displays and straightforward controls are a must. Touchscreen interfaces offer a modern experience but consider if you prefer the tactile feel of physical buttons and knobs.

Customisation Options

Look for head units that allow you to tailor the audio experience. This includes adjustable EQ settings, crossover controls, and sometimes even time alignment. These features let you fine-tune the sound to suit your car’s acoustics and preferences.

Expandability for Future Upgrades

Consider head units that offer room for expansion. This includes preamp outputs for adding external amplifiers, subwoofer outputs for bass enhancement, and even the possibility of connecting additional screens or rear-view cameras.

Aesthetic Integration with Your Car’s Interior

The head unit should sound good and look good in your car. Choose a design that complements your vehicle’s interior, whether a sleek modern touchscreen or a more classic look.


Cost vs. Quality: What’s Worth Your Investment?

When upgrading your car’s audio system, one of the most common dilemmas you might face is balancing cost against quality. It’s a valid concern, and we’re committed to helping you navigate this decision with clarity and confidence. Let’s delve into why investing in a quality head unit is not just a purchase but an investment in your driving experience.

The Value of Quality

High-quality head units are built to last. They’re designed to withstand the rigours of daily use and the harsh environment inside a vehicle, meaning you won’t need to replace them as often as cheaper alternatives.

There’s a noticeable difference in sound quality. Premium head units provide clearer, more detailed, and richer sound, transforming your music listening experience.

Higher-end models have features that enhance your audio experience and add to your convenience and safety, such as hands-free calling and seamless smartphone integration.

Cost Considerations

While a quality head unit might have a higher upfront cost, the long-term benefits – including durability, enjoyment, and even increased vehicle resale value – make it a worthwhile investment. Investing in a good head unit also means you have a solid foundation for future upgrades to your car audio system, whether adding better speakers, amplifiers, or other enhancements.


As we wrap up our exploration of the best head unit brands and what makes them stand out, it’s clear that upgrading your car’s audio system is more than just a technical enhancement – it’s a personal journey into the world of high-quality sound. We invite you to start your audio journey with us. Whether you’re an audiophile or simply someone who appreciates good music, our team at Mobile Audio Concepts is ready to guide you.