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Driving Aids

Avoid damage to your pride and joy with a professionally installed parking or driving aid solution from the experts at Mobile Audio Concepts.

Parking Cameras – Reverse Camera Installation

Parking Sensors

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Mobile Audio Concepts understands parking and maneuvering in Melbourne’s busy streets can be challenging and stressful but it doesn’t have to be with one of our tailored solutions. We can offer a variety of options to bring your cars safety systems up to the latest technology.

Reverse parking sensors

Reverse parking sensors are a great cost effective upgrade for vehicles not fitted with rear parking sensors. Systems generally consist of four professionally colour coded sensor heads installed in the rear bumper. These systems come on automatically when reverse gear is selected. The most popular options are the factory look beep only systems, but systems with a display as well are also an option.

Front parking sensors

Front parking sensors are also very popular to help you with parking and are especially handy for long vehicles and vehicles with low front bumpers. Similar to rear parking sensors, four professionally colour coded sensor heads are installed in the front bumper. For late model European vehicles front sensors can be activated automatically with speed sense and for most other vehicles we use an OEM look switch to turn the sensors on/off.

Blindspot sensors

Blind spot sensors can help increase your awareness by effectively adding an extra set of eyes around the vehicle by constantly viewing blind spots you can’t always monitor when driving. Blind spot sensors can be added to almost every vehicle and can help increase your response time and avoid annoying accidents.

Heads up displays

Heads up displays can also be easily added to most vehicles. A heads up display is a transparent display that gets mounted to the windscreen and displays vehicle information like the vehicle’s speed that you would normally have to take your eyes off the road to access. Heads up displays were first designed for airplanes but have become more and more popular in vehicles with many new cars coming with this as a factory fitted option. Most of these systems use the car’s OBD port to access the vehicle information.

Mobile Audio Concepts also have a large range of parking camera solutions to suit cars, caravans, motor homes and fleet vehicles. We can also install any products you may have already purchased and diagnose, and repair faults with all factory fitted and aftermarket systems. For more information and options for your vehicle please contact us to talk to one of our experienced staff so we can discuss the possibilities.


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