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BlackVue Dash Camera

Blackvue Dash Camera – A Must Have

Ensuring safety and protection on the road has never been easier with the birth of dash cameras. This innovation is a huge aid to drivers, from recording all actions that occur around a vehicle to providing extra set of eyes in parking.  

It all started with the most basic form of dash cams and, eventually, several varied features have been included in the over-all design and makeup of the model transforming a simple camera into an ingenious vehicle accessory.  

Installing a simple dash cam is a no-brainer. For car owners who have tall preference for simplicity and quick affairs, the BlackVue DR590 Series offers a line of dash cams that are specifically made to be installed painlessly and tucked away behind the rearview mirror. This series is focused on convenience above all else which explains the straightforward features of the models like adequate but light-sensitive video quality and built-in Wi-Fi that makes connecting to the BlackVue app fast and hassle-free. 

BlackVue Dash Cameras – It Works

The BlackVue DR590X Series shares the same essence as the DR590 Series which is accessibility and ease. Dash cameras are really built to increase safety on the road without getting in the way of cruising. 

What people tend to forget is that, more often than not, accidents, be it minor or otherwise, happen not on the bustling highway but in the parking lot. It takes a generous amount of control and sharpness to park a vehicle especially in small or tricky places.  

For this exact dilemma, BlackVue Dash Camera came up with a line fully-equipped with built-in motion and impact detection to increase your vehicle’s sensitivity to sudden changes in the surroundings, thus preventing unwanted mishaps. Additionally, the DR900X Series comes with high definition cameras that can capture crisp images even at night time and 3-wire hardwiring cables that connect to your vehicle’s fuse panel for Parking Mode 

Dash Cameras Eliminates Blind Spots

Say goodbye to your worries about blind spots, leaving your vehicle unattended and even the hassle of sorting out footages from your dash cam because with BlackVue Dash Cameras managing videos is totally uncomplicated.  

The BlackVue App and Viewer are available to download free of charge on Android and iOS devices, and Windows and Mac OS computers respectively. Both are programmed to make reviewing of video clips done with such breeze and liberty to change settings and sort videos by time and type (Normal/Event/Parking).  

Dash Cameras Can Capture Precious Memories

As mentioned earlier, BlackVue Dash Cameras also have Wi-fi connectivity as one of its key features so your videos can be retrieved on the spot. For back up, you can choose from several BlackVue Dash Camera units that come with Cloud connectivity wherein you can enjoy Live Viewing, playing and downloading videos from your dashcam’s memory or the Cloud from anywhere. 

For those who love to keep travel clips from road trips, you don’t have to worry about memory storage because BlackVue Dash Cameras have models that support up to 256GB of files so you can enjoy filming every bit of your journey as you desire. 

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