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Dash Cameras

Leading Dash Camera Installation in Melbourne

If your car has ever been involved in a hit and run accident that was caught on camera, you know just how valuable a dash camera can be. The videos recorded by a well-positioned dash camera can make the difference in cases of motor vehicle collisions, insurance claims, car theft, criminal damage, or erratic driving incidents, offering unquestionable supporting evidence in video or in both audio and video. Dash cameras are also great for monitoring and surveillance, e.g. when you need to monitor the driving habits of your teenagers.

dash cam installation Melbourne

Dash Cameras are a great option for any person or business wanting to:

  • Protect their vehicle
  • Reduce insurance premiums and maintain no claim history
  • Provide evidence in the case of an unfortunate incident
  • Monitor employee driving behavior
  • Provide evidence of road rage
  • Reduce car park incident risk
  • Deter vandalism and thieves

Expert Dash Cam Installation

If you are thinking about getting a dash camera, consider the expertise of the team at Mobile Audio Concepts. With such an extensive range of dash cameras on the market, it can be difficult to determine which product will be right for you; the specifications and features range dramatically across the range. We can help you to choose a dash camera that is ideal for your vehicle. We have a wide range of high-quality dash cameras that suit every need and budget. Our solutions range from modestly-priced to high-end products suitable not only for private cars but also for commercial and fleet vehicles. We can also perform professional dash cam installation on any available device you already purchased.

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Types of Dash Cameras

Based on the level of coverage required for your vehicle, our team can install:

  • Front cameras
  • Front and rear cameras
  • Front, rear and internal cameras (great option for UBER or rideshare drivers)

Mobile Audio Concepts works with the best brands including BlackVue, Thinkware, Gnet, Kenwood and more. Our Dash Cam Installation can include the following features:

  • Full HD recording
  • 4k recording
  • WIFI
  • Parking mode
  • GPS

Premium Dash Cam Installation Melbourne – Mobile Audio Concepts

Most dash cameras can be either plugged into a car’s 12V accessory socket/cigarette lighter socket or hardwired into the car’s electrical system. We at Mobile Audio Concepts recommend hardwiring the dash camera into the car. Our professional installation will hide all the cables through your hood lining and leave your 12V accessory socket/cigarette lighter socket available for other chargers. 

How Dash Cameras Work

Many dash cameras are designed to function while the vehicle is being driven, i.e. they are activated when you turn on the ignition of a car and turn off when you switch off the car. The footage is saved to an internal SD card or onto internal memory. WIFI-enabled dash cameras may upload the footage to cloud-based storage, from where it can be easily viewed and downloaded to any device or smartphone. 

Vehicle Parking Mode

Some dash cameras come with a built in “Parking Mode”, meaning that they can function even when your car’s engine is off. Such dash cameras include a motion detection system. They automatically activate and start recording when their motion detectors are triggered. 

Dash cameras can also be modified to include a car Parking Mode option, many times with the addition of a separate module. Parking mode works by supplying power to the camera until the car’s battery reaches a certain voltage, so the camera’s recording duration depends on the capacity of the car’s battery. The team at Mobile Audio Concepts can install such Parking Mode modules in your car for you. 

Certain vehicles like late model BMWs are not compatible with built in or external parking mode modules due to their complex electronics. Using one of these modules on these cars will result in a battery error appearing on the dash. For late model BMW owners and other car owners who need their Parking Modes to work for extended periods, we recommend our premium solution, which is the installation of a dedicated dash camera battery. Systems that have a dedicated dash camera battery are not reliant on the vehicle’s battery, so they can record for a long time and can provide power to the camera until the battery runs completely flat without affecting the vehicle’s ability to start. These dedicated dash camera batteries recharge while you drive your car.

Assured Service Quality 

With our many years of experience in the industry and our highly knowledgeable background, we can assist in finding you a dash camera solution that will fit and work in your vehicle. We can also perform  professional  dash cam installation on all devices purchased online or from other retailers. For more information and options for your vehicle please contact us to talk to one of our experienced staff so we can discuss the possibilities.


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