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Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Retrofit

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Retrofit

Keep your vehicle’s dash untouched but upgrade the technology. In today’s modern vehicles replacing the factory head unit is not always feasible, viable or even possible, especially in later models and newer vehicles. Car manufacturers are incorporating more complex electronics into their systems and the factory screen will often display heater controls, vehicle settings with other information and features that can’t be retained with an aftermarket head unit upgrade.

That doesn’t mean you have to go without the latest technology. Mobile Audio Concepts can retain your factory look and retrofit Apple CarPlay and Android Auto your factory system.

To do this we install a module in behind the dash (so aesthetically nothing changes).

The system is controlled the same way the factory system is controlled – via the knob in the console, we are able to retain touchscreen functionality if your original system is controlled via touchscreen as well.

After installation you still have access to your current system – radio, park assist, vehicle settings etc, plus you will have the new system, so you can easily switch between the factory system and the CarPlay/Android Auto system.

Most of our kits are both wired and wireless, we will have to install a new USB port for connecting your phone. Location and look of the USB port will be discussed on the installation day. We try to accommodate your location and look preferences. We offer non invasive and 100% reversible installations.

When you enquire with us please attach a picture of your screen while it’s on and displaying the home page. This will help us identify your car multimedia system version.

If your car is not listed on our website, please get in touch through our online enquiry form, we will do our best to find a solution suitable for your vehicle. Don’t forget to attach pictures.

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